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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting from April 4th, 2001, the new Web address for this page is Please update your bookmarks, because this page will not be updated anymore.

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Links to Dario Alpern's pages

Math pages

  1. 11D: Diophantine Equations (Dave Rusin from Illinois, USA)
  2. Unsolved Mathematics Problems (Steven Finch)
  3. Hilbert's Tenth Problem (Karlis Podnieks from Latvia)
  4. NSW HSC On-Line - Maths - Courses - 4 Unit - Complex Numbers (Maths Node Team, Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia)
  5. jasonp's Pi Programs Page (Jason Stratos Papadopoulos from College Park, Maryland, USA)
  6. Josechu's Home Page (José Angel González Rodríguez from Tudela, Navarra, Spain)
  7. Pi Homepage (Ramón Llorens from Barcelona, Spain)
  8. Amigos y amigas de Pi (Ramón Llorens from Barcelona, Spain)
  9. Calculators On-Line Part II - Mathematics (Jim Martindale from Newport Beach, California, USA)
  10. Warut's Bookmarks (Warut Roonguthai from Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand)
  11. Bookmarks for Mazer (Wei-Hwa Huang from North Potomac, Maryland, USA)
  12. Mathematics links (Jim Foote)
  13. More Pi Links (Dara Hazeghi from Half Moon Bay, California, EEUU)
  14. Programmes de calcul - Pi (Boris Gourevitch from Rennes, Britain, France)
  15. El paraíso de las Matemátic@s - Enlaces Personales (by a Spanish group of people)
  16. Qué números son resta de un cuadrado menos un cubo?
  17. Pure Maths Web sites (Scarborough Sixth Form College from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK)

Programming pages

  1. x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part I (Raymond Moon)
  2. Jimmy's homesite (Jimmy)
  3. Troy's page (Troy Kessler)
  4. Assembly (IberoTech Information Technology from North Virginia, USA)
  5. Cursos del GUI: Lenguaje Ensamblador (Grupo Universitario de Informática of Valladolid University in Spain)
  6. Arquitectura de Computadores (Enlaces) (Antonio Cañas Vargas of Granada University, in Spain)

Other pages

  1. My_HOMEPAGE (Vasilis Christofilakis from Athens, Greece)
  2. Bookmarks for Cheung Koon Tung, Kent
  3. Microprocesadores (de

Pages with content copied from my site

  1. Dario Alpern's Complex Number Calculator (Laszlo Csereklei from Budapest, Hungary)
  2. Dario Alpern's Complex Number Calculator
  3. Methods to solve Ax^2 + Bxy + Cy^2 + Dx + Ey + F = 0
  4. Advanced function calculator
  5. Microprocesadores de la línea Intel (Subject "Informática y Sociedad" of the University Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, Valencian Community, Spain)

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